Saltwater Pontoons

Fiesta Marine has taken care to dress all of the problems specific to boating in Florida and implement solutions to them in our saltwater pontoons.  Boasting the most coast line of any state in the US and an expansive Intercoastal Waterway, Florida offers the most diverse boating experiences available.  The most fun and convenient way to explore it all is in a saltwater pontoon boat from Fiesta.

With waterways ranging from saltwater, to brackish water, to fresh, caring for a boat in this climate can be difficult because of the corrosive properties of the salt.  Fiesta has made it as easy as possible with our corrosion resistant design.  Our premium fiberglass decks and aluminum hulls make saltwater boating as easy as pie.  When you’re done for the day, simply spray off your saltwater pontoon and put it away for the night.  That’s all you need to do to keep your boat as beautiful as it was the day you brought it home.

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