Fiesta Commercial Solutions

Fiesta Marine doesn’t just cater to the needs of individual families, we offer a whole line of commercial pontoon boats to help business owners bring the party to their customers.  Our large, extended decks help to maximize the space on board so more customers can participate in tours and sightseeing at one time.  Our advanced safety features ensure that your customers will feel secure and have a great time on our commercial pontoon boats.

If your in the business of renting boats out to customers, Fiesta Marine’s commercial pontoon boats will be a great addition to your fleet.  Pontoon boats are some of the safest boats on the water because their flat bottom design provide extra clearance to avoid underwater collision and running aground.  Our commercial pontoon boats are user friendly and easy to navigate so potential renters can feel at home on these boats and get down to having fun.  Our commercial pontoon boats will keep customers returning for outing after outing.

If you’re looking for a safe, fun way to get out on the water, Fiesta Marine is ready to build you a boat that will meet your specific needs perfectly.  Give us a call and get started on your own party on the water!

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