Festive Pontoons and Catamarans

Pontoon boats both personal and public are great platforms for a great time. From a relaxing catamaran tour to a fist pumping party pontoon, they are the foundation for a day away from the city. One thing that is also great about pontoon boats and catamarans is how easy it is to turn them into a festive display for friends, family, and customers. Most boats either don’t have much of a platform to decorate from, or are designed more as a living space than a source of business or entertainment. A pontoon boat on the other hand is a perfect craft for every holiday.

Many pontoon boats are created with some form of cover over them. A great place to hang decorations such as tinsel and ornaments for Christmas or cut-out pumpkins for Halloween. Some can even be fitted with Christmas lights for a festive and magical look when they are out over the water. When it comes to catamarans and pontoon boats, you can add almost anything as long as you do it safely.

In some cities around the country that are located along a canal or river, they will hold boat parades. Identical in every way to an ordinary parade, people and companies decorate their boats and sail down the river. Onlookers line the bridges and the shores of the river to watch the spectacle. Others take the family out on their own boat for a closer look as the parade boats pass. Not only is this a fun filled event, it is also a fun filled way to market your company. 100s of people at least will be watching as your boat drifts in line with the others, your company name in bright letters.

When it comes to the holiday season, don’t be afraid to get a little creative. People love to find unique ways to enjoy the holiday spirit. Don’t forget to add some small touches for other holidays around the year. An American flag for the 4th of July or some green tinsel for St. Patricks Day. You can go all out or just add a few small touches. It is your catamaran to decorate as you wish. If you haven’t gotten one yet, visit Sightseer Marine. LLC

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Boats and Business

Few things can give you more pride than owning your own business. In this day and age, a lot of people tend to go to more big name stores to do holiday shopping, but there are a few areas of business that is better left to local and small town names. One such area revolves around the boating industry. People love romantic adventures, family friendly tours, or just a nice fishing trip out over the water. With a pontoon boat, you can do all these and more. Aside from the personal recreational uses of owning a pontoon boat, they are the perfect foundation for a new business venture.

These tours and fishing trips are a fantastic business to get into because they have a wide area of opportunity. All you need is a dock and a waterway. You can give tours in the canals near the ocean or the rivers and lakes in the middle of America. You can use this as a primary income or just a weekend project for extra income. Find the right area, and you could make your entire living and extra just off a single pontoon boat.

To make this even easier for business use, pontoon boats are highly versatile when it comes to being built. If you are looking for a popular tour boat, there are commercial catamarans that are long and have cover to protect crowds from heat. For fishing they have ones with gates on all sides to rail in the catch, or lower portions of the boat to place yourself closer to the water. They can be equipped to have one side without a railing and a lowered surface to accommodate scuba diving activities. Any purpose you can imagine a pontoon boat being used for, there is a model to fit that use perfectly.

Take the first steps toward owning your own business by looking at the possibilities offered by Fiesta Marine and Sightseer Boats. Built to be used in both fresh and saltwater, the pontoon boats at Fiesta Marine are perfect for any situation.

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