Boats For Any Weather

boats for any weather

Boats for Any Weather

Florida is the perfect state for a day of fun in the sun. With its year-round summers, warm winter days that feel like a summer evening anywhere else, and its expanse of beautiful waterways, what more could a seafarer ask for? However, a big concern that most Florida natives are aware of is the corrosive wear and tear on a boat that can result from the salt, sand, and sun of Florida’s sometimes severe, and fickle, climate.

At Fiesta, we use only the highest quality materials specifically designed to fit your boating needs, while helping to protect you and your boat from the harsh elements that Florida’s unpredictable climate can bring. Fiesta boats are designed to maintain their outer beauty while the inner workings of its each custom design endure against inclement weather. Additionally, with Fiesta boats, you don’t have to limit yourself to Florida’s fresh waterways. The quality construction of our boats withstands the damage that may otherwise be brought on by the harsh saltwater of our beloved ocean, as well. Call us today at (727) 856-6900 to find the quality design that’s a perfect fit for you.


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Fiesta Custom-Made Pontoon Boat

custom-made pontoon boat

As the holidays draw to a close, the children head back to school, the tourists head back up north, and the excitement from the festivities begins to wind down, now is the time to treat yourself to a little relaxation. What better way to have some “you” time, than to spend a moment of peace out on the water? Take advantage of Florida’s never-ending summer by becoming the proud new owner of a Fiesta custom-made pontoon boat.

No other pontoon boat in the market provides you with equal parts high quality construction and aesthetics. At Fiesta, our goal is to improve your overall quality of life by providing you with the highest quality, custom-built pontoon to fit your personal lifestyle. If you’re seeking a pontoon boat that you can take out on the ocean, whether for some rest and relaxation, or deep sea fishing, look no further.

Seek your escape with Fiesta’s high quality construction, and you can enjoy your day in the sun with peace of mind. Call us today at (727) 856-6900.


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