Saltwater Boats for Christmas

saltwater boats

This Christmas, your custom pontoon can be used as a party hangout for you and your family. You can pack up a feast fit for a king, pack up the kids, and board your Fiesta Fun Deck for a Christmas party on the water. But, did you know that our saltwater boats are not only perfect for hosting a party, but that they also double as the perfect fishing boat?  You can opt for family time out on the water this Christmas, or, you can take your custom pontoon out for and gift yourself with a little relaxation time this Christmas with just you, your fishing pole, and your Fiesta boat.

With the expansive decks of our Fiesta boats, there is ample room to stretch out, relax, and take a breather from your full house on this fun family Christmas. You can motor out to a nice, quiet spot, cut the engine, and cast your line. Pack a cooler full of your favorite beverages, lean back, and settle in for a nice relaxing time on the water. If you cannot call yourself the proud owner of one of a variety of custom boats that Fiesta has offer, then look no further. Hurry in and gift yourself with your custom Fiesta Fun Deck today!

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Christmas Fun Deck

fiesta fun deck

Decorate for the Holidays!

This Christmas, make your Fiesta Fun Deck festive! Here are some fun tips for you and your family to prepare for your floating feast this holiday season! You can customize your custom pontoon to fit your perfect holiday style. By adding colorful Christmas lights and decorations, your Fiesta Fun Deck is magically transformed into a floating fishing palace that is fun for the whole family. The beauty of decorating your boat is that you can be as creative as you want to be with your designs.

Your Christmas decor could be as elaborate as covering every square inch of your Fiesta boat with Santa Claus and his eight tiny reindeer, complete with a whole set of elves to fill his entire workshop, or as simple as a string of lights. Inflatable decorations are a great way to go, but with the Fiesta Fun Deck, you have plenty of room to get creative with strings of LED lights.

This winter, the only “Blizzard” Floridians will be experiencing is a soft serve at Dairy Queen. So make the most of the warm sunshine that our beautiful state has to offer, and take the family out on your new Fiesta Fun Deck pontoon for a Christmas that the kids will remember for years to come. Call us today at (727) 856-6900!

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