A Business Adventure

Ever since the dawn of discovery, the water has fascinated us. Rather it was the ancient religious aspects many cultures gave it, to the scientific explorations performed in it’s depths, to the simple imagination and fascination of a child seeing the ocean for the first time, the water has always been magical. While you can see many wonders of the aquatic world in an aquarium, to really capture to raw beauty of nature you need to witness it without glass panes between you and it. With the right kind of boat, you can easily bridge the gap between our world, and the world beneath the water’s surface.

This is where the commercial catamaran becomes a valuable resource in witnessing the natural world, and sharing that experience with waiting customers. People love to see marine animals like dolphins and manatees from the edge of a boat more than in an aquarium because it promotes a sense of adventure in them. Traveling the open waters, fresh air all around them, and an entire world filled with life thriving beneath them.

It is also a place where the marine wildlife can be more free and natural, not limited by the confines created by an aquarium. The entire experience becomes not just more authentic, it also becomes more environmental friendly. It is hard to argue that wildlife flourishes best when it is left in the wild. This is where they are most at home, and the best place to see them first hand.

Of course, wildlife doesn’t exactly work off any real schedule. One day a whole pod of dolphins may swim right by your catamaran, and the next day you may not see a fish all day. This is why it is also good to include landmarks in your tour. Historical areas and general information about the area you will be touring can help keep a tour interesting even when your main stars are a no show. Offering food for when you do find fish on the tour for free or for a little extra is another fun way to engage customers and make the tour more interesting.

If you have plans on starting your own business venture on the water, the first step is getting a quality catamaran for it. Sightseerboats.com offers high quality custom catamarans. We can design your catamaran around your business needs, making sure your vessel is comfortable, safe, and fun as it glides across the water’s surface.

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A Passion for Quality Pontoon Boats

There are few time honored traditions quite like fishing. Going out before the sun is up, picking the perfect spot, and tossing out a line. The right amount of skill mixed with a little patience, and you may just reel in the big one today. It takes experience to pull in a big catch, it’s not something you accomplish by simply throwing out a lure and hoping for the best. Like Ernest Hemingway’s timeless classic, “The Old Man and the Sea”, it took that extra effort to capture a truly exceptional fish. In many ways, this philosophy shines through not just in the fisherman, but in the boat he uses to fish from.

At Fiesta Marine, we understand that building water worthy pontoon boats is not just an industry, it’s a passion. To build a truly exceptional boat, we have to put experience and patience into it. That is why our boats come with a little extra quality and build. What steps do we take to ensure that our boats are the best that we can create?

Hand-laid fiberglass helms and tables
Bimini tops and covers made of 100% solution-dyed acrylics.
High quality morbern vinyl (3 yr. warranty) with the feel of soft leather is used in seating components.
Lifetime warranted fiber-glassed non-skid gel coated decks.
Our large 23” diameter pontoons with our unrivaled 0.090 gauge hulls
Twice as many structural bulkheads as any competitor.

These are just a few of the features that you can find with our pontoon boats and catamarans. Visit us today at www.fiestaboats.com and see our selection of quality pontoon boats and catamarans. Don’t forget, Fiesta Marine also offers custom commercial pontoon boat designs for when your fishing is more then just a hobby.

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