Making a Business

Throughout the ages, many great tales have taken place over the water. From the always magical tale of The Little Mermaid, to the legends of Sinbad exploring the seven seas, the open waters have always built the foundation for some of mankind’s great tales. These stories are not limited to just brave adventurers though. You can create your own life story without the sword and powder pistol by your side. All you need is a boat and a determined spirit. While we can’t help with the determined spirit part, Sightseer Boats can put some wind in your sails with quality catamarans to keep your business afloat.

Before we set sail, we need to decide just what kind of business it is that you want to run. Let’s look at some options for you and your catamaran.

Sightseeing: The simplest of the possibilities, and a good base for any business involving catamarans, you simply let customers come onto your catamaran, and let them enjoy the sights as you sail around the local area. For a better experience, you can learn some of the local history and turn it into both a fun and informative journey.

Fishing: An age old venture, people have been fishing for as long as time can remember. Where once it was a required form of survival, present day fishing is done for sport more than survival, making it a great activity to turn into a business. Pick a few rich fishing spots and let customers drop their lures.

Taxi: In some areas, believe it or not, catamarans and pontoon boats are used as a taxi service. They commonly run off a schedule, arriving at certain points along a canal or lake before moving on to the next spot. If you live in an area that is situated around a body of water, you may want to look at the possibility of turning your catamaran into a taxi service. You can run off a schedule as previously mentioned, or set up a website and phone number for people to set up an appointment to be picked up.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to one form of business either. In New Smyrna Beach for example, one such company takes out customers to go fishing in the daytime, then takes customers out in the evening for a sunset tour of the local area. It may not be the same as doing battle with a giant squid 20,000 leagues under the sea, but your story is unique and one to be proud of when you set sail on one of‏ quality catamarans.

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Boating Season

Boating Season

The weather this year has been rather unpredictable. In some areas of the country it was a record cold. Boston was buried under snow, New York wasn’t not much better, and parts of Florida were a freezing 55 degrees. Even though pontoon boats and catamarans are great waterboat craft, they don’t do so well when the lake is covered with a thick layer of ice. Luckily you can stop making vroom noises while imagining you are on the lake and actually take your boat out now. February marked the relative end of the cold weather, and the temperature continued to rise throughout March. Now with April around the corner, we have prime sailing weather.

This year it started to seem like Winter doesn’t want to leave, but the weather has climbed back into the warmer temperatures. It may slip back down into the cold now and then, but the cold season can only last so long. So what does this mean for you? Time to get that boat back in proper working condition.

Give it a Wash: If you have not had the ability to enjoy your pontoon boat or catamaran then maybe you should start off with a good cleaning. Rinse it down, scrub any rough spots, and flush out the engine. You don’t want anything in the valves of the engine that could clog it up. Follow the typical steps in cleaning out the engine.

Inspection: Once the boat is cleaned up, check the normal items such as the oil level. Once the preliminary items are out of the way, turn the engine on and let it run. Make sure there are no odd sounds or smells coming from the engine or controls. If your boat has any form of lights or electronics turn them on to make sure they are still functional.

Resupply: Before hitting the water again, make sure that your boat is stocked with the typical supplies. If your inspection showed some lights had a dead bulb or your flashlights had a dead battery, then it is time to replace them. Make sure your first-aid kit is properly stocked up as well, just in case

Take it Slow: Once you are cleaned up, resupplied, and ready to go it is time to set sail. Don’t overdo it at first. Test the waters a little before going full throttle. Don’t venture too far out until you are sure you are not going to get stranded on the waterways.

If you are like us, you are eager to get out of the house and off of dry land. Don’t get in too much of a hurry though. The rivers and lakes are not going anywhere, they will be waiting for you once you are finished getting your boat back in shape. To make sure you have a boat that can survive both the open waters and the off seasons at the dock, visit Fiesta Marine today for  quality pontoon or catamaran boats.

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