Customers Come First

When it comes to designing a product, you have two choices, you can build it to sell, or you can build it for the customer. When you build something to sell it, you are just building a product. When you build it for the customer, you are putting the customer first, making a product that truly caters to them. You are putting their needs and safety at the front of the mind and designing the product around that. This leads to a better, safer, more durable product than the rest of the market. This is what makes Fiesta Saltwater Pontoon Boats such a high quality design. We don’t just build a pontoon boat for a customer, we build one that is not just going to float in the water but one that can take more damage and stay afloat in both freshwater and saltwater, take more of the elements without falling apart, and take more miles without stopping.

pontoon boat

At the very core of this design is creating a quality pontoon boats that will keep our customers above water while also making sure they enjoy their time on the water. We don’t focus on making a single part of our pontoon boats great, rather focus on making the overall design from pontoon to canopy the best it can be. We start with the pontoons, making sure they are made to higher standards than other manufacturers. This means using a tighter seal and more bulkheads than the other competitors. What does that mean exactly? More bulkheads mean that if the case of a rupture, you should have no problem getting back to sure. A bulkhead will localize the rupture, so it doesn’t spread to the entire pontoon. So if a pontoon experiences a rupture, and has four bulkheads, you will still have three parts of the pontoon unaffected by the rupture. Given that pontoons tend to sit higher up in the water, the area that could be ruptured and allow water in is already small as it is. Extra bulkheads just help to make the dangers of sinking that much smaller.

That is just the pontoon boat portion of it. Above the pontoon boat we design the build around long lasting comfort. We know the effect that heat and salt can have on the materials. Over time the glue that holds down the deck can start to come loose, making the deck able to shift around. We take steps to make sure that’s not a problem you will face. We also make the seating out of high quality material that is resistant to the water and heat, so you’re pontoon boat stays feeling like a luxury cruise every time you take it out on the water. After all, what’s the purpose of having a pontoon boat if you can’t enjoy being on it? That is a question we take seriously when we build a pontoon boat.

If you are ready to see the quality and dedication we put into our saltwater pontoon boats, then visit to get a quote.

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The Perfect Weather

When it comes to boating, there are a few things you have to consider before you launch out into the open waters. For one, you have to go through the basics when it comes to launching any boat into the water. Do you have everything you need for the day like fuel, food, drinks, bait and rods if you are fishing, etc and so on? You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the lake because you didn’t prepare for the day’s trip. You also have to check out the boat itself before it goes out over the water. Just a quick once over to make sure there are no visable leaks or damage to worry about while your out over the water. Before you do any of that, however, you have to check something else to make sure you are not wasting your time.

pontoon boats can go out on saltwater

When you plan any outing, rather it is on land or out on the water it is always important to check the water. Especially in places with salt water that tend to have nearly unpredictable weather. Sometimes near the ocean it can go from a sunny day to stormy weather in under 10 minutes. You don’t want to be caught on choppy waters and pouring rain because you didn’t plan ahead. Especially if you find yourself miles down the canal from where your vehicle or dock is. The canopy of the pontoon boat might keep you dry if you stay near the center, but it won’t do much for the rain being blown in by the wind, or stop the rain from soaking the deck of the pontoon boat. It can also lower visibility and make the vessel harder to control.

It is also beneficial to keep some form of weather tracker on the boat with you. Rather it be your smartphone set up with alerts or a weather radar you can buy in some stores it will help prepare you for any surprise weather changes. It will also let you know how severe weather changes will be, so you can plan accordingly. If it is going to storm out soon, it is best to head toward land. If it is simply going to be a five minute passing shower, you can stay on the pontoon boat and wait it out under the canopy. There is also the chance that it might not even affect you at all. Make sure you know what area you are in so you can know what weather to expect.

It is also a good idea to be prepared for surprised weather, even if it doesn’t happen. You can do this by keeping some basic items on your boat at all times. Items such as rain ponchos, towels, waterproof lights, and it’s not a bad idea to have some ziplock bags either. Ziplock bags are a great way to keep your smaller electronics such as smartphones and smaller cameras dry, along with wallets and other paper items. For larger items they do have larger sizes you can carry a few extra of.

Rain isn’t the only weather factor you should consider though, wind speed should also be looked at. You don’t want your pontoon boat being blown around while you are trying to sit back and relax. Strong winds can also make cruising around in the pontoon boat difficult. On top of that, while the pontoon boat will still stay stable, you may not. The wind will be blowing across the deck which can cause you to struggle moving around, send hats flying into the water, toss around drinks, and make the entire experience less than pleasant. So keep an eye on that wind along with the weather in general. Combine the rain and the wind and you have a day not made for boating.

Before you can do either of these though, you have to get the pontoon boat. For quality and dedication to design, consider Fiesta Marine. With years of experience in the market and an eye for details, our pontoon boats can go out on saltwater and freshwater and will last for years to come. Visit our site to learn more and get a quote on your own pontoon boat project.

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