Used Pontoon Boat: Tips to Consider

Buying A Used Pontoon Boat Tips to Consider

You may want to consider the following buying tips before making a purchase and to avoid any kind of disappointment resulting later on.

First take a look at the overall appearance of the Furniture condition and look out for cracks and tears. Pontoons usually have chairs and tables placed on them. If the furniture is cracked, it means the boat has not been properly stored. The cracks would also determine if the furniture needs repair or replacement. Consider the expenses for these and see whether you can afford them to let the purchase stay within your budget limits.

What is the overall condition of the Pontoon? If a pontoon is not well maintained, there are chances for damages like cracks, leakages, corrosion etc., which could result in a compromised overall performance and cause very costly repairs that you would want to figure into the budget before you make your purchase. Check out drain plugs to see if there is water inside the pontoons, determine expenses expected and consider the purchase accordingly.

Are the gauges working accurately? Turn on the power to the dash and test the gauges. Doing this is very important, as gauges need to be functioning accurately in order to alert you on your boat’s engine condition, providing much needed reliable information to prevent tough situations and safety issues that could occur later.

Is the floor/plywood in good condition? You do not want to buy a pontoon with rotting plywood right? Inspect the deck to ensure structural integrity. Look out for mildew and mold. Check if the plywood is stable or not. All these factors would help determine the condition of the plywood/floor. You wouldn’t want you or anyone else to fall through the floor of your boat.

Is the canvas in acceptable condition? With use, the canvas may develop cracks or wear out. Since covers can be expensive to purchase, a boat with an acceptable canvas is crucial. This is also very important to be able to properly store your boat while not in use to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Lastly, what condition is the motor in? Motor inspection is technical, but important. A certified mechanic would give you the most accurate picture of the boat’s motor condition. You would not want to have to replace a motor if you have not budgeted this into your expenses.

All these inspections would help you determine if the purchase is worth the investment or not. It would also help you plan your expenses accordingly and be satisfied with making the purchase.

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Sunray Pontoon Boats

Having a rough time keeping family and friends entertained while you live on the river? Tired of fishing off of a deck where the fish aren’t very likely to appear as often as out in open water? You’d probably think that having a fishing boat means a little cheap rowboat. Most of the time, and in a stereotypical fashion, they would be. At least, most commercials on the television in which show fishing involve either a wood row boat or a metal engine boat. Both of which are small and fit approximately two people, maybe three, and their bait. Why not relax on an affordable and spacious party boat?  Relax while you’re out there on the water, fishing the day away, and enjoying the gentle waves crashing against the bow of our Sunray Pontoon Boats. That’s at least something we hope to help you out with. Especially with our state-of-the-art pontoon boats.

Sunray Pontoon Boat Fish-N-Fun Deluxe 18 feet

One of our ideal fishing boats is the Sunray Sundeck 18’ Sunfish n Fun pontoon boat. It features lifetime warranted furniture frames, multi-density seating foams treated with bioguard, a 6 foot sunbrella bimini top with all around lighting, a swim ladder, windshield, lifetime fiber-glassed deck, and many more! Such a boat would be perfect for the occasional weekend getaways for that fishing trip you’ve always planned on having, but never had the time or money for. 

We make sure to keep all of our boats engineered for safety, durability and beauty, making Fiesta boats the ideal boats for the family. Whether you’re choosing a boat for fishing, tubing, entertaining, or just a relaxing cruise, we have the ideal boat to suit your need. Especially with the quality and affordable costs, our aim is to ensure joy for you and your family to have fun and relax while going out on the water

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