Snacks for the Water

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When it comes to spending a day out on the water, or really a day out doing anything, it is important to stay nourished. You need food and drink to keep yourself going. Otherwise, you might feel yourself feeling irritable, lightheaded, fatigued, dehydrated, or suffering from a headache. Our body gets energy from the food and water we consume, so without it we start running out of energy. Our body reacts to us both from a lack of energy and as a way to tell us that we need to eat. Things like hunger and thirst are primarily warning systems that subconsciously tell us it’s time to fuel up. When on the water, however, you can’t just bring any food with you. You don’t have access to a kitchen on most basic boats so what do you do?

You also have to consider how long the food will last on the boat. Do you have enough room for a cooler that will hold the food while you are out boating? You don’t want to keep most foods out in the heat. Especially cold foods that need to be refrigerated. Finally, they have to be reasonably easy to eat. You won’t be doing the fancy three forks, two spoons layout. Most likely you will be using one fork or your hands. So let’s look at some options that will fill all these requirements.

Cold-Cut Sandwiches/Wraps: Cold cuts are great because they are easy to store in a cooler. They are flat, tasty, and can be used to customize any sandwich or wrap. Make it all beef, add some chicken in, go for a ham and turkey, the possibilities are limitless. They can be prepared before the trip to make storing easier or you can bring cold cuts and bread in the cooler so people can make their own as they want them.

Pasta/Potato Salad: Pick up a container of potato salad or pasta salad for the trip. Potato and pasta salads are great for boating because they come in a secure container. Can buy them in a store and place them right in the cooler. When it’s time to eat you can open them up and let people put some on their plate.

Fruit: Fruit is always a good option for food. You can buy packages of fruit already cut up and ready to eat at the grocery store. Some popular options are mango and watermelon. Grape, apples, and orange slices are also good options for taking out on the water. You can bring full fruit as well to enjoy, though might be harder to store on the boat.

Crackers and Chips: Good for a snack or as a side for lunch, crackers, and chips are easy to handle foods that don’t need to be kept in a cooler. As long as they are sealed properly they can be eaten anywhere anytime. If they are not stored properly they will get stale and while still editable, are not very tasty.

Make sure you pack a good lunch for you and your passengers so everyone can enjoy their day on the water to the fullest. Of course, first, you need to have the pontoon boat to enjoy a day on. Fiesta Boats has years of experience building pontoon boats that not only meet normal standards but exceed them. Contact us today to get started on your own Florida pontoon boat.


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