4 Easy Ways to Protect Electronics While Boating

keep your electronics dry

   We like to take our smartphone everywhere we go. We take it to work, to play, to the bathroom, we even take it to bed. It’s only natural that we would want to take it out on the boat with us. Besides, we might need some music while we are hanging out on the river. The problem is that most smartphones don’t do too well in water, especially salt water. You might not intend to get it wet, but things don’t always go as planned. There is always the risk of dropping it accidentally in the water or having it on you when you accidentally fall in. Then, of course, there is the chance of drinks spilling from the movement of the boat. All in all the boat can be a dangerous place for a mobile device.

The good news, however, is that you don’t have to leave the phone on shore to keep it safe. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep it dry while on the boat. There are some more costly options, but also plenty of cheap options as well. We’ll look at a little of both options below.

   Water-Resistant Cases: Practically every phone and tablet has a water-resistant case you can purchase it. How much these cases cost can vary greatly, but they mostly work the same. If you are planning on having your phone or tablet out regularly, it might be worth investing a little extra to get a good water-resistant case. Not only will they keep them dry on the boat, if you drop the phone in the water itself, it is much more likely not to get damaged. An added bonus is a water-resistant case will typically be resistant to damage from being dropped as well.

   Zip-Lock Bags: Ziplock bags are great ways to protect your phone while keeping them visible to you. Put it in a Zip-Lock bag, put it on the table, and if you get a notification it’s a simple notion to unzip the bag and use the phone. Zip-lock bags also come in many sizes, so they can hold all kinds of devices and extra. Put your phone, money, etc inside the bag to keep them all safe and dry.

   Condiment Jar: Have an empty jar of mayo in the frig? Rinse it out, let it dry, and put your phone and other valuables in it. The larger jars can hold plenty of items including a phone, keys, wallet, etc and keep them dry. Just make sure the top is put on tight. The other bonus you get from a condiment jar is that they will float in the water, so if they go overboard it will be a simple matter to turn around and grab them without worrying if they will get water damage.

   Dry Bag: A dry bag is pretty self-explanatory. It is a waterproof bag that you can put things inside, seal, and keep dry. They come in many sizes, from small to large, are easy to carry, and depending on the size you can put all kinds of things in them. Not just wallets, phones, and keys, but also clothes, towels, and other larger items. They can also be rather inexpensive. You can get a decently sized bag for under $50 and if you take care of it, can last for quite a while.

Of course, the most important thing you need for bringing a phone or other valuable on a boat is the boat itself. Let Fiesta Marine build your ideal saltwater pontoon boat so you can start your adventures.

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