Hurricanes and Boats

hurricanes and boats

Everyone loves to head toward the water for a day out on a boat. Set out from the dock, make a run around the lake and bring it back to port. What happens when a hurricane comes sweeping through, however, and your boat is still at the dock? Will it be safe there or will you find your boat is somewhere down the coast or in a few different pieces? There are a few things you need to look at before deciding to leave your boat at the dock or take it in land. A boat can be an expensive investment, so don’t just leave things to chance. Make the right decision.

The first thing that you should look at is the strength of the hurricane. If it is a category 4 or 5 you should grab it and run if possible. Category 4 hurricanes are devastating forces of nature that leave destruction in their wake and a Category 5 is even worse than that. If you can not grab your boat and run, sadly you have to leave it behind and mostly hope for the best. If it is a category 3, which many tend to be when they start coming over land, you can choose to run or board up and stay. The boat, however, is still a question that needs to be answered. So we move onto the next thing to consider.

We have to look at the dock itself and see how secure it is. A few points you need to check are:

How are boats secured: Do boats have a way to be secured properly to the dock? Is there are strong winds and waves, is the boat going to stay attached or be tossed around?

How strong is the dock: Would the dock survive the hurricane? If the dock looks like it wouldn’t survive the storm, chances are your boat won’t either.

How crowded is the dock: Your boat and the dock are going to be moving during the storm. When winds are whipping around them at 90 mph, things tend to move. If boats are close together that can tend to bump and grind, causing damage.

What is near the dock: Are there things near the dock that look like they could fly around and hit your boat? Check for potential debris around the dock.

Protect your investment from the elements, and invest in something that can withstand the elements. A Fiesta pontoon boat is designed to be durable and resistant to many of the elements like saltwater that can damage normal pontoon boats. To get started on your Fiesta pontoon boat, contact us today.

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