Useful Apps and Numbers

useful apps

We live in a digital age that is full of exciting new technology and opportunities. From the small mobile device in our hand that can contact someone living across the globe to the new driverless technology that is sending vehicles running safely down the highway, you never know what the new big advancement in technology is going to bring you. While it might not seem like this new technology would have too much effect on enjoying a day out on the water, it can improve the experience in a number of ways. Long gone are the days of passing the time by mopping the decks and sitting in a crow’s nest while the sun bared down on you. Now with a simple handheld device, you can be entertained for hours. Below are a few apps and other digital assets that no sea captain should be without.

Internet Radio: Pandora, Spotify, iHeartradio, they all do the same thing. They play all kinds of music, music stations, and even talk shows. All you have to do is download the app, pick a station, and your vessel will have plenty of music to enjoy. Bring some speakers to turn it from a pleasure cruise to a party on the water.

Weather Apps: In places like Florida, the weather can change several times in a single hour. It’s not uncommon to see bright sunny skies turn to pouring rain only to return to sunny skies again. You can keep on top of these changes with weather apps. Set up notifications so you can get a heads up when the unpleasant weather is on the way.

GPS Apps: A GPS isn’t just for long car rides, they have GPS systems designed just for boats. Find a reliable GPS boating app and never get lost on the water again. Some might be a little heavy on data usage, so make sure to check with this and see if your plan can handle it.

Emergency Services: We should always be prepared for the unexpected, especially on a boat. When on a boat you can’t just run to the nearest safe spot. Make sure you have the right phone numbers for the right emergencies. Coast guard, law enforcement, anything that could go wrong make sure you have a phone number to cover it.

Of course, in some more remote areas, it could be difficult to get decent reception. Don’t panic, just make sure you have the right phone numbers, and bring some friends to keep you company and keep you entertained. First, though, you need to get the right vessel. We would recommend a saltwater pontoon boat from Fiesta, built tough to handle a variety of situations and environments.

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