Saltwater Pontoons. The Ultimate Party!

Saltwater Pontoons. The Ultimate Party!

If you are wanting a party, Fiesta can deliver. Whether it’s a day or evening of fun, our saltwater pontoon are ready for you and all your guests for fun on the water. Our Fiesta pontoon boats have extended decks and customized seating, so you can fir more people to join you in your summer fun. Our boats also come equipped with state of the art safety features and our engines have enough kick for you and your guests to enjoy your favorite water sports, this ensures safety and fun for all.

If you are leaning towards a more sophisticated journey, Fiesta Pontoons include plethora of luxury features for you and your guests. On our roomy extended deck, all seating feature fade-resistance, marine quality, hand sewn upholstery. To make sure the mood is set, each boat is designed to be rattle free for a smooth quite ride. Our boats are designed to be high in order to ensure you and your guest stay dry. When you have the luxury and performance of our Fiesta Pontoon boats, you can take any party to the water, with confidence!


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