Considering Purchasing a Dive and Snorkel Vessel?

Are you considering starting a commercial diving business?  Or perhaps you need to replace an outdated boat.  Or maybe you’re even growing your snorkeling business and need to add an additional vessel to your existing fleet.  If any of these scenarios pertain to you, have you considered a commercial catamaran built by Sightseer?

Catamaran style boats lend themselves perfectly to the commercial diving and snorkeling industry.  The deck is large and flat.  Your customers can easily access the water from either port, starboard or stern.  The boats can even be fully customized to meet the unique needs of your dive operation.

Sightseer custom catamarans and dive and snorkel vessels have been shipped all over the US and used in all kinds of applications.  Business have put our boats to work for Eco nature tours, fishing charters, dinner cruises, shuttle craft, water taxi, work platforms and more.  We even have a 45 ft x 16 ft tri-hull design that is operating as a self-propelled illuminated full spectrum LED projection screen in Baltimore harbor.

If your in the market for a vessel for your commercial dive or snorkel business, look no further. Sightseer Marine is the best in the industry when it comes to providing the finest quality, custom built catamaran styled boats.  These boats had been manufactured under the Fiesta Marine Products brand since 1998 and now the commercial line is being produced under the Sightseer Marine brand. With a custom vessel from Sightseer Marine LLC you will be able to meet and exceed their wishes and boost your profit expectations.





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