Sightseer Marine Catamarans

Sightseer Marine Catamarans

We understand pride of ownership, that is why Sightseer Marine, LLC builds commercial catamaran styled boats using only the highest quality components. With the owner in mind, we have the capability of making each vessel customary to meet the needs of your business. Whether, using our vessels for typical applications including water taxi, fishing charter, ferries, dinner cruises, or for eco-tours our lines are specifically designed and manufactured for use in and around saltwater.

The structure of our pontoon boats make it safe for passengers to travel at comfortable speeds over open water. Overall versatility, Fiesta Marine pontoon boats provide owners comfort and speed, allowing passengers of all ages to enjoy the ride. Fiesta Marine boats are built using the finest modern technology available for pontoon boat construction. We are dedicated to providing our customers the strongest and safest pontoon boats in the industry. Luxurious but rugged construction is what is found in every Sightseer Boat. From bow to stern, the quality is evident.

We have served many business owners around Florida and throughout the USA. Our vast experience in pontoon boat building has increased over the years along with the knowledge in the latest technology for pontoon engineering.

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