Quality Commercial Catamarans

What goes into the construction a high quality, commercial catamaran? Here at Sightseer Marine we pride ourselves on building some of the world’s most beautiful, sturdy, high quality commercial catamarans that are designed to last and last.

Let us describe to you the process and the different parts that go into the manufacturing of one of our amazing boats. At first glance people are impressed with the appearance of one of our Sightseer commercial catamarans. Even after years of service the fabrics look like new and the colors haven’t yet faded. This is due to the quality of products we use which contribute to the aesthetics of our boats. But, what is most significant about our commercial catamarans is not what is readily seen, but that which lies beneath the surface and which contributes to the incredible integrity and longevity of our vessels. This is where the real value of investing in a Sightseer Commercial Catamaran comes in.

Let’s start at the beginning of the construction process. The pictures at the right are 3 different angles of the “U” finished hull and deck of one of our aluminum commercial catamarans. This aluminum model is our model 36/12 and the specifications in this article will pertain to that particular boat. The 36/12 seats up to 49 passengers and a full crew although other models are available to meet the needs of your business.

This model has a 10 or 12 foot beam and is constructed with rugged 36″deep V bottom hulls. It’s designed with special reinforced collision bulkheads and has sealed hull sections which keep her afloat even in the event that a hull is damaged.

The hull and deck are made of 5052 marine grade aluminum and is designed with an extruded chassis on 12″ centers. This ship is designed for up to a 12, 000 lb. capacity. That’s 6 tons! We also use only extremely durable fiberglass non skid decks.

The enire boat is built to comply with 46 CFR, sub-chapter “T” basic features. The hull and chassis is USCG inspected and meets MSO requirements. This particular vessel comes equipped with twin motor pods rated to 200 HP giving it more than ample power even when operating at capacity.

We designed this model with heavy 4″x4″ x .250 gunnels and it is U.S.C.G approved for operation in lakes, bays, rivers, sounds and near shore performance parameters. The options on this craft include a captain’s helm with hydraulic steering console, trailer, roof, fencing, seating and water closet.

So, as you can see, from start to finish and from bottom to top, Sightseer builds quality commercial catamarans that are second to none. I think that you’ll agree, that as you shop and do your homework, that our commercial catamarans are the best investment for your business. They are safe, durable, long lasting and oh…, did we mention how beautiful they are?




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