How To Take A Dog Out Boating

taking a dog on a boat

No adventure is complete without our faithful four-legged companions coming with us. What happens, however, when that adventure involves a boat? Is it safe or even recommended to take a dog on a boat with you? Well technically taking a dog on the boat is perfectly fine if you are careful with it and do it right. This includes planning ahead and making preparations for any scenario. It also involves making sure you are capable of taking care of their basic needs. Below we will explore the different steps that you should take if you plan on taking a dog on board any boat, especially a pontoon boat.

Plan For Everything: It is good to make sure you are prepared for any scenario. If the dog jumps off the boat into the water, have a plan for how to quickly retrieve it. If the dog gets sick, make sure you have what you need to help calm its stomach. If the dog has to go to the restroom, make sure you have some way to take care of that too.

Life Jacket: Not only are life jackets good for people, they are also good for dogs. If the dog does jump overboard, the lifejacket will help keep it afloat until you can come back and retrieve them. They also look really cute on them when you take photos for Instagram, so there’s also that.

Familiarize Them With The Boat: When the boat is safely at dock bring your dog on it. Give them time to familiarize themselves with the boat. Let them spend some time on it, keep them away from any openings they might slip through, etc. This is important because once the boat leaves dock you will have less time to take care of the dog while piloting.

Take Care Of Basic Needs: Remember that the dog has basic needs too, such as food, water, and shelter. They can’t be out in the sun the entire time. You also have to consider the fact that the deck might get hot in direct sunlight and they have no protection from it. The longer you plan on being out on the water, the more important these things become.

Teach Them To Swim: You can worry a little less if your dog can swim. You can use a bathtub or small pool to teach them safely how to swim or hire someone trained to do it. This will make them far less likely to drown if they jump off the boat, more so if they are wearing a life jacket.

Having the right kind of boat can help as well. A pontoon boat has walls and doors all surrounding it, making it harder for a dog to leave the boat and go overboard without someone letting the dog out. To get your pontoon boat ready for you and your furry friend’s adventures, contact Fiesta Marine today.

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