Fiesta Boats Feature Sightseer Commercial Line


sightseer marine productsFiesta Marine Products feature a full line of high quality, catamaran styled commercial boats called Sightseer Marine, LLC.  These vessels are inspected as high-speed catamarans and not to the lower standards of pontoon boats.  These higher inspection standards give Sightseer Marine vessels the ability to navigate beyond the rivers, lakes, bays and other protected waterways.

All Sightseer products are built according to American Boat and Yacht Standards and are designed for commercial applications in and around salt water.  All vessels are also manufactured according to the U.S. Coast Guard requirement 46CFR, subchapter T.  New owners receive documentation from our naval architect and approval by the U.S. Coastguard, confirming maximum speed and wave-height capabilities.  This is typically 30 knots and 5 foot wave conditions.

Sightseer boats are perfect for a variety of commercial catamaran applications.  Whether you’re looking for a craft to be used as a water taxi service, work platform, high capacity barge, sightseeing boat, dive vessel, dinner cruise boat, fishing charter or eco nature tour vessel, Sightseer has the perfect fit for you.

So call today to learn more about our products and get a quote on your new Sightseer Catamaran by Fiesta Boats!

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