Make Waves with Fiesta

Fiesta Marine Products offers a wide array of saltwater pontoon boats at an unbelievable value.  The best pontoon boats in Tampa, or anywhere else are found right here.  Whether you’re a business owner looking for top quality to rentals to offer your customers or a world class fisherman, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with a Fiesta pontoon.

Saltwater pontoons are specially built to navigate the ins and outs of Florida’s waterways.  Our special design helps keep you and you passengers safe and dry so you can maximize your enjoyment out on the water.  Florida pontoons are a fun way for you to get our there and enjoy the best this state has to offer.

Fiesta Marine products include a smaller line of watercraft through our Sunray Pontoon Boats.  These little beauties are the perfect match for fishermen who enjoy the solitude of a day on the water or for a family looking to bond in an intimate setting.  These boats are fully equipped with all the luxury and safety features of our bigger boats that make them a comfortable, fun ride.

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