Island Party Pontoons

island party pontoon

When you think about pontoons boats, you typically think about some sort of fun activity you can do out on the water. You can cruise the waterways, drop a line and go fishing, turn on some music and lounge around, the possibilities are endless for it. What about the fun you can have on land with a pontoon boat? Pontoon boats have a lot of uses, and one that might get overlooked is carrying people and cargo across lakes and canals to island parties.

Pontoon boats sit higher up in the water than most boats do, meaning that they can float in shallow waters many boats would get stuck in. A pontoon boat can get closer to the shoreline, carry quite a few people, and has room for items such as coolers, collapsible furniture, even a grill. There are even grills that attach directly to the boat! Some also come with coolers built in, so you can bring a few extra drinks along for the ride. In fact, some people love to use their pontoons to go to the shallow areas in a canal, river, lake, etc. They can dismount from the pontoon boat and be in water that barely comes up to their waist. They turn their pontoon boat into a headquarters for their own little water park. The two pontoon design of the boat makes them very stable as well, which helps prevent anything and anyone on board from bouncing around.

Since they are capable of traversing shallow waters, they also have few limits on where they can go or what kind of body of water they can operate in. They can be carried on a trailer, so they are not limited to one body of water. Anywhere you can find a boat ramp, you can enjoy your pontoon boat there. Fiesta pontoon boats are also designed with resistant, easy to clean material so after the party it’s a simple procedure to wash everything down. A lot easier than having to clean your house after the last guest leaves, or trying to clean out a fishing boat. Just toss out any trash, spray everything down, and you’re pontoon boat is ready to be put up for the night.

Of course, you don’t have to use the boat for an island party, you can just use it for a party. The design we spoke of earlier, that makes the boat generally more stable than most types of boats, makes it perfect for getting a few friends, heading out to the middle of a lake, and turning one some music. Just remember not to party too hard and not to get behind the captain’s wheel while under the influence.

All you need for an island party or a boat party is some friends, some drinks, some easy to make food, and a Fiesta pontoon boat to host it on. Fiesta pontoon boats are unique because they are designed to work in boat freshwater and saltwater areas, giving you truly limitless options on where you want to have your party at. Their hulls and the boat itself are designed to withstand the corrosion that saltwater has on normal boats. As long as you keep your boat rinsed off regularly, you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

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