The Perfect Vacation Vessel

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When you think of a vacation does it involve cruising around the waters in a comfy boat? Almost anyone who thinks about a vacation thinks about what they would do if they had a boat. Depending on where you are going, choosing the right boat could make a difference in your experience, whether you just want to relax or shot around exploring.

One of the newest additions to our arsenal is the Catamaran- Catamarans are a type of watercraft that consists of 2 connected or single hulls with two parallel beams to keep it level in the water. It was invented in Polynesia and was picked up by the western world in the early 19th century. The craft is more like a raft than a boat but is extremely stable. It can be paddled or sailed, even in heavy waves. It has become a desirable pleasure craft mainly for its speed and stability, and is among the world’s fastest sailing craft. This is something that any adventurous person dreams of mastering on an exciting trip at sea.

There are so many activities that you can do in your boat, even if you have a hobby you didn’t think about bringing along, there is a chance you that you’ll actually be able do it and not have to leave it behind. When out on the vast open waters, what better to do than to see what kind of fish are around and toss in your fishing pole to stir them up. You can even take pictures or draw the fish you catch, plus the birds may come when they see all the fish so you might even be able to draw some pictures of them too. You never know what you may pass by at sea or the islands you will pass so it is good to bring along something you can draw on if you are looking to capture a beautiful moment.

When evening comes and there is not much to do on deck, break out a deck of cards and play your favorite games with your mates. If things seems silent and dreary in the dark waters, break out an instrument like your guitar or harmonica and brighten up the mood with your favorite songs. Throwing a little dinner party with some drinks and can help liven up the night too, then you can laugh it up and enjoy the ride with your crew!

If you are not sure what kind of boat you want to take out for a memorable cruise, Fiesta Marine will help you find what you need. We carry many Pontoon boats in different sizes, and we have recently added catamarans,  so the chances are, you will find one that suits you and the company you bring along.

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Why a Pontoon Boat

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Taking out a boat on open waters is always a great thing to do to get the kids out of the house and keep them occupied and happy. All of the activities that are possible are great for just blowing off steam and are some of the funnest things anyone could do on their day off. It can even give you a physical workout which would be good for your tireless kids who always seem to be bouncing around. Usually families prefer our pontoon boats for their size and dependability. These are some of the best and most fun activities that you could enjoy while out on the water.

  1. Pontoon boats are fit for add-on accessories like a slide and when you have little kids it’s tough to beat.  Sometimes your younger kids may be a little timid about using the tube and having something like that on the boat is easier for them.  
  2. Kids also love fishing and it’s a great activity to add to a boat outing. You could do it in the first or second half of your trip and you could sit around and fish as long as you feel like. Bringing along some good snacks is another thing your kids will much appreciate you for and that kind of thing can cut down on any complaining that might be going on! Most boats come with a radio come with bluetooth and you could hook your phone into it and enjoy all your favorite albums on the water!
  3. Get your kids a wet suit for the cooler water and some snorkel gear and let them see what it’s like to be under water! Snorkeling is one of the best experiences that you could have and there is so much to check out on the sea floor, its almost like being in space where you are weightless!
  4. Tubing is another one of the best activities you could do on the boat. Kids love it when they can hitch a close up ride on the water and even falling off can be exciting.  Get a bigger 4 person tube and let your kids bring some friends with them to enjoy together, plus keep them busy and occupied longer.

Water activities are something that should really make up your summer, especially when you venture on a vacation to a tropical climate like here in Florida. Staying in the water is the best thing to do to stay cool, and there is so much to do i doubt you will be able to fit everything you would want to do into one day or trip. Plus the variety of boats is another thing to consider, although you will be able to get most of the things you want done on a simple pontoon vessel. Boating can always be a multi day event, you could occupy your entire vacation with water activities alone! Call Fiesta Boats and see what our rates we have and the services we offer!

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