Staying Afloat


We all know that pontoon boats are a well designed vessel that offers stability, and a open deck plan, but did you know they are also quite durable as well? The signature pontoons on a pontoon boat have a special ability that allows them to stay above water, even if punctured. While normal pontoon boats have this ability, a Fiesta pontoon boat takes that ability and drives it even further. So how does a pontoon boat stay above water if there is a hole in it?

The simple answer is air pressure. The pontoons are filled with air, and with no holes for that air to escape, the air simply stays there, helping the pontoon boat stay afloat. Now, pontoon boats are built durable, making it hard to puncture them, paired with the fact they don’t typically sit that low in the water, and you rarely have to worry about damaging your ponting boat. Much like any boat however, they are not invincible. If a hole or tear is created in a pontoon, the water will only fill up to the rupture. The air inside of the pontoon will become trapped, stopping any more water from coming in. Combine this with multiple buck heads, and not will the water be stopped from rising above the rupture, it will be stopped from flooding the entire pontoon.

How does a bulkhead work? There are two kinds of bulk heads, one that is open in the center and one that is fully closed. Both serve the same purpose. They keep water confined to a single area. This way if you have four sections in a pontoon, each divided by a bulkhead, water can only fill up a small part of a single section instead of moving to the rest of the pontoon. When you consider that a Fiesta pontoon boat has two pontoons, with at least four sections each, a single leak will affect less than 15% of the boat. You could get a hole in a pontoon, relax for a little while, then return to dock to repair the hole.

Of course, this doesn’t cover catastrophic damage done to a pontoon. If another boat collides into your pontoon boat, or you get a serious rupture a foot or longer in size, you might need a little help. The chances of damaging a pontoon if you drive your boat responsibly is rare, and a serious incident like that is even rarer. To reduce the chances of damage even further, shop with Fiesta Marine for your pontoon boat. More bulkheads than their competitors, better materials, and a better build ensure you stay afloat. Visit to see what makes our Florida saltwater Pontoon Boats so dependable.

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Child Safety

Ever been out on a pirate ship? How about a naval command vessel, or been captain of a ship that is out on an expedition to uncharted lands? Chances are unless you served in the Navy, you haven’t been on any of these things. In a child’s eyes however, they can do all three in one day when they spend a day on the water. Even if their battle cruisers are just  10 foot long saltwater pontoon boats, they can be the size of a football field in their minds. While the fantasy may differ from child to child, the reality is the same. Even if they are gold winning Olympic swimmers in their mind, they are still young and it is up to you to make sure they play safely when out on the boat.


Of course, safety is important for all ages, regardless of how old you are or how well you can swim. With children though, it is a little more essential due to the fact, not many children know their limits, and that children do have limits. What is a small wave to an adult can be a tidal wave to a child. What could be a quick swim for you, may be an impossible task for your son or daughter. So even if they do complain about it, make sure they follow these quick safety guides.

Discuss Safety: They say that knowing is half the battle, so before setting out for the open waters, discuss safety guidelines with your child or children.

Floatation Vests: Placing a brightly colored floatation vest on a child is a great way to ensure they don’t drown if they fall overboard, and will make them easy to spot quickly.

Don’t Let Them Swim Alone:  If you plan on letting your child leave the boat to go swimming, make sure the water is calm, and that an adult is in the water as well.

Observation: The best and simplest way to make sure your child remains safe is to keep an eye on them at all times. You don’t have to follow them like a hawk, just make sure they are somewhere in your range of vision and close enough to easily hear if they need help.

These rules can be applied to adults as well, but usually adults already understand these rules, (keyword usually). As long as you keep an eye on your kids, and make sure they are following these steps, you can let them have their adventures aboard the legendary Black Pearl, even when the pirate ship is really a quality pontoon boat from Fiesta Marine. If you don’t have your mighty vessel yet, you can visit for durable saltwater pontoon boats, of for a commercial catamaran.

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