Multihull Vs. Monohull

There are a lot of fish in the sea, and also a lot of boats sailing on top of it. There are small boats, big boats, sail boats, boats with engines, pretty much any kind of boat you can think of can be purchased for your fresh or saltwater adventures, but what kind of boat is best? Breaking it down to what is perhaps the most simply distinction between different kinds of boats are the terms multihull and monohull. If you are new to the world of boating, and are not familiar with nautical terms, we will define them below, otherwise feel free to skip past the definitions.


Hull: The main body of a ship or other vessel, including the bottom, sides, and deck but not the masts, superstructure, rigging, engines, and other fittings.

Monohull: A monohull is the most common boat you will see on the water. Only one part of the boat enters the water.

Multihull: In comparison, the multihull has more than one part that enters the water. Two hulls enter the water. A common example of a multihull boat is a catamaran.

Both multihull and monohull boats have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to boating. While both are good options, each appeals to a different group of people. To make sure you into the right boat for you, we will look at the advantages of both types of boats.

Multihull: The main advantage that comes with a multihull boat is stability. It is much more difficult for a multihull catamaran to tip over, even in severe weather. While it is not impossible, if a wave can flip your typical multihull boat, than it is a storm that you shouldn’t be sailing in to begin with. This also makes them better for those who have never piloted a boat before. It gives them more safety while on the water, rather it is on a sea or lake.

Monohull: A multihull is great for entertainment and relaxation, a monohull however is built more for work or speed in many cases. A monohull works better as a cargo ship or as a speedboat. They can also be closer to the water, though with the right customization a multihull can also have this advantage.

If you are looking for a boat for entertainment, or for a business centered around numerous clients, the stability of a multihull will be your best bet in most cases. A monohull will tend to have more limited deck space, accommodating less customers unless you get a large vessel compared to the number a smaller multihull can easily carry. If you are looking at owning a commercial catamaran or one for your own use, visit today. builds quality saltwater catamarans by going above and beyond the techniques most companies use for their boats. Visit our website today to get started on your own catamaran.

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Pontoon Boat Accessories


Saltwater pontoon boats are a great addition to any lifestyle, giving a new range of freedom that you just can’t get in a car or motorcycle. You can go out for a day on the lake and leave the world behind as you drop a line, put on some music, or just enjoy the sensation of the great outdoors. That is just with a basic pontoon boat, when you start accessorizing it, you gain a whole new level of possibilities, from water slides to fishing rod holders, even a portable bathroom for when nature calls, you can turn your custom built pontoon or catamaran into a versatile vessel, ready for anything you may need.

Let’s look at some additions to your pontoon or catamaran that you can get once Sightseer boats has it on the water ready to go.

Aquaglide Freefall Pontoon Slide | $399.99: Turn your pontoon boat into a water park with the Aquaglide Freefall Pontoon Slide, an inflatable slide that includes straps so you can attach it securely to your pontoon or catamaran. One side has foot and handholds to climb up it, and the other is the slide, leading down into the water. Not only is it a blast to play on, it comes with a 12V turbo pump so you can store it when not in use, and pump it up when it’s time to play.

Bassroom | $109.99: When miles of open water are between you and the nearest bathroom, you need a solution when nature calls, and with the Bassroom that solution is simple, convenient, and effective. The bassroom is a tent like portable restroom that collapses to a small enough size to store almost anywhere, can be opened and set up in minutes, and gives you complete privacy when in a crowded area. The best part is it’s not just built for a pontoon boat, rather it can be set up almost anywhere.

Barbecue Grill with Rail Mount | $174.95: You can bring snacks and sandwiches with you in a cooler while you go out on the water, or you could enjoy a real meal and grill some burgers with the Barbecue Grill with Rail Mount. With a quick attachment to a rail on your pontoon or catamaran, you can prepare meals for friends or customers.

Pontoon Fire Pit | $495.00: A fire pit on a boat? That’s just madness right? Wrong, it’s a reality, and completely safe as well. Floating Fire offers a fire pit that is easy to install, burns clean, and looks beautiful, while having the ability to be covered like it’s not even there when not in use. Turn a night on the lake into a date night, or a night of scary stories with Halloween coming up.

Smith Pontoon Square Rail Clamp-on Rod Holder |$59.99: Simple yet effective, the Smith Pontoon Square Rail Clamp-On Rod Holder does exactly as the name suggests. Place it on a railing, tighten it up, and rather you’re taking some friends out on your pontoon or taking out clients on your catamaran, their rods will have a secure place to rest while they wait for a bite.

Are you looking for the next level of fun and excitement on the water’s surface? The first step is getting a custom built catamaran from or a custom pontoon from Fiesta Marine, the second step? Accessorize it to your liking. Accommodate clients with food, fun, and other necessities. This will give them a better experience, help get return customers, and give your business a better reputation to get new customers.

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