Naming a Boat

naming a boat

Naming a boat is an important part of owning one. It is what is going to really make it your boat. There are pontoon boats all across the country, but there is only one S.S. Boatinator in your port or only one S.S. Boaty McBoatface. Technically your pontoon boat isn’t going to be an S.S. anything since S.S. is meant for sail ship. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t name it though. Many consider it to be terrible luck to not respect naming a boat. If set off without naming a boat, or change a boat’s name without doing a de-naming and renaming ritual (yes this is a real thing) it is believed to bring bad luck. Even if you don’t believe in superstition, it still is your boat and she should have a name.

There are a few things that you need to consider when naming a boat. For one, it is a name that is going to be on your boat for a long while. Don’t pick a name that is going to lose it’s staying power quickly. Unless that name has some lasting significance specifically to you, don’t name it the Confefe. A few other things that you should remember when naming a boat are:

Keep it Short: The longest it should be is two words. This makes it simple and easy to remember. Not to mention you don’t want to have to fit “The Greatest Boat that Ever Sailed the East Coast of Florida” on the back of a boat.

Make it Personal: Name it after something that is personal to you. If you are a fan of Marvel comics, why not name it after one of Iron Man’s suits, or after your favorite comic book character? If you like history, find a brave historical figure to name it after.

Have Fun: It is your boat and it should match your personality. If you enjoy making people laugh, why not let your boat have a name that does the same?  Don’t get offensive or obscene, but don’t be afraid to be a little comical either.

Don’t Test Misfortune: It might be superstition, but naming a boat something that spells misfortune is not a good idea. Don’t name a boat after Ran, the Norse Goddess who received all those who drowned at sea and be surprised when you find your boat sinking in the canal. It might not actually be a problem, but why risk it?

That Name Describes the Owner: One common theme in these tips is the name reflects the owner. Give it a comic book name, and people assume you are a comic book fan. Name it something comical, people will think you are good at making people laugh. Name it something offensive, and people will think you are an offensive person. Give it a name we have seen a thousand times before and people won’t really notice you at all.

You can always rename a boat, of course, though it does take a bit of effort if you want to do it right. Renaming a boat by simply wiping off the old name is slapping on a new one is another way people believe bad luck can find you at sea, or on the lake. Whichever you are on. You have a saltwater pontoon, you can go anywhere after all. If you don’t have one you can always inquire with Fiesta Boats at (727) 856-6900.


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Health Benefits of Owning a Boat

Pontoon Boats that Work in Saltwater

A Fun Way to Be Healthy

A long-running trend that has taken over the modern age is healthy living. People are doing all kinds of things that range from sensible to just plain weird. While you can decide between eating right and exercising or swallowing activated charcoal and swishing oil in your mouth, we are going to enjoy our own healthy lifestyle. Mainly, we are going to take our boat out on the water. That might not sound like a way to get healthy, but owning a boat actually, offers a lot of health benefits. In some ways, it helps us physically, and in other ways, it helps us mentally. It doesn’t really matter what kind of boat you own, though, we, of course, would recommend a Fiesta Pontoon boat. We have pontoon boats that work in saltwater. 

Taking a boat out on the water, or even just being on a boat in general, benefits us in several ways. You don’t have to do anything extra with a boat to get these benefits either. Simply being on one while it’s out on the water will do the trick. So let’s get to it, and show you how owning a boat is good for the mind and body.

Vitamin D: We need our vitamins to stay healthy, and we get plenty of Vitamin D from the sun. Being on a boat gives us plenty of exposure to sunlight to produce Vitamin D for the body. Of course, too much sun can be a problem as well, which is why we like a pontoon boat. You can use the canopy to get some time in the sun and some time in the shade as well.

Being One with Nature: Just being outside in nature has all kinds of benefits, especially over the water. It gives you plenty of fresh air and natural scenery, which studies have proven effective in reducing stress.

Technology Break: We all know someone who spends way too much time on their phone. We might even be that person. It is estimated that the average person spends 5 hours a day on their mobile devices. Spending so much time on mobile devices has also been linked to increased stress and depression. Going out on a boat gets us away from all that technology for a little while.

Gets us Active: When you take a boat out, it encourages you to move around, to look around, to do something besides sit still and do nothing. Being active burns calories and helps to keep us healthy. It helps to keep the joints from locking up and helps build stamina.

The best part of this healthy lifestyle is that it is a lot of fun to do. So if you are ready to get the ultimate piece of exercise equipment, contact Fiesta Marine today.

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